Free Cross Stitch Pattern – Russian Dolls and Buttons

So far my blog has focused on crochet but I also love to cross stitch. My Nan started teaching me when I was six years old and I have been doing it now for 23 years (you can do the maths on how old I am now).

The great thing about cross stitch is that it is the perfect stress relief in these busy times. Why wouldn’t stabbing something a thousand times and ending up with something pretty not be satisfying.

I also think there are some awesome designers out their that are creating items that reflect are modern times. I remember my Nan spending months stitching items that looked like they had just some out of Victorian Britain. This craft really has something for everyone.

For me I like creating quick stitch items – something I can pick up and put down and it is not going to take years to finish. I also like designing patterns too. These are something that I created at the end of last year and I wanted to share as a freebie pattern.


Over the next couple of days I would like to share these patterns with you. The first is ‘Russian Dolls are just full of themselves.’


I stitched the item on white 14 count Aida measuring 5″ x 7″ using a needle size 24.

I used DMC standard cotton colour 776.

Buttons are available from Barrett’s Buttons – an Etsy shop that just sells buttons.

Below is the pattern.

Russian Dolls 1.jpg

I am happy for you to sell your finished items but please do not distribute the pattern without credit or try to sell the pattern for money. That’s just not cool!!!!! Remember, sharing is caring.


Hope you enjoy stitching. Please send me images of your finished products.


Until next time


Lizzie xxx


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